Fourth meeting held!

Last week, we had another full day workshop, with representatives from Transatlantic, Laurin Maritime, DNV and Chalmers discussing progress in energy management.

An important theme discussed during the day was how to design and implement efficient infrastructure for measuring, analyzing and reporting on ship and operational performance. Depending on the size and composition of your fleet, the most effective choice will of course differ. An excel-based solution may work up to a certain size, after which an investment in data-base approach is perhaps more time- and cost-efficient. At the far end in terms of cost and complexity, automated measurement systems that require no or little crew input can be implemented. Moreover, depending on the size of your company, you may or may not have capacity to develop your own systems.

Many systems that measure performance on board (through e.g. propeller torque and/or fuel mass flow meters), and that display information on the bridge are starting to be available. While this is all very well, what seems to be less common are systems that are usable for easy on-shore monitoring and performance follow-up. Especially systems that can scale across owned or long-term chartered ships (where you would be more inclined to invest in measurement systems) to ships on shorter contracts.

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