Education for increasing energy efficiency in shipping

Writing papers is one way of disseminating knowledge, education is another. Last week, myself and Mikael Johansson of DNV had our first meeting on creating a M.Sc. course in Energy management. It will be part of a M.Sc. programme in Maritime Management given here at Chalmers. The course will provide students with the skills they need to audit and improve energy management practices within a shipping company, grounded in a technical and operational understanding of ships and shipping.

The first thing on the agenda is naturally to develop course literature – there is none available. The course itself starts for the first time in Fall 2014, but the plan is to have the book finished by the end of this year. We will be creating a reference and review group during this Fall, and would in the meantime be happy to hear from people in universities and elsewhere who are engaged in similar projects.

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