Sustainability Science Congress 2014, University of Copenhagen

I’ll be presenting a poster on my latest research findings at the Sustainability Science Congress at the University of Copenhagen, during the 22nd to 24th of October this year. I just received an email of acceptance. The session in which I am presenting is entitled “From knowledge to action”. From the programme:

[A] a great number of technologies enabling climate mitigation as well as adaptation measures seem to be available. However, only few new technologies are implemented and few damaging practices are curbed effectively and in scale. It seems as if there is a knowledge-action gap and in some instances a lack of will to change, which can also be characterized as part of the knowledge gap… The ultimate goal of this session is to explore specific measures for triggering action in the area of climate mitigation and adaptation based on best available scientific insights while admitting the existence of controversy regarding the validity of “science.” Rethinking international law making, international law and its relevance in this field is within the range of possible measures – as well as changes in pricing various forms of energy, or strategies for improving decision-makers’ capabilities to perceive and process information on energy efficient or low-emission activities and to accept behavioral changes.

I’m much looking forward to this.

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