Save the date!

Dissertation upcoming, finally. It’s been a long journey. Back in 2013 I presented my licentiate thesis – a Swedish half-way-to-PhD-thesis, one can say. Two 6-month parental leaves (explained by a Briton) and three years later I’m finally almost finished…

On the 8th of April I will be defending my PhD thesis with the tentative name “In search of maritime energy management”. Professor Lars J Nilsson from Lund University will be the faculty opponent. The committee will consist of Professor Kevin Cullinane of Gothenburg University, Professor Jenny Palm of Linköping University, and Professor Aykut Ölcer of World Maritime University. As deputy member, Associate Professor Henrikke Baumann of Chalmers University of Technology.

Proper invitations will be sent out later.

The thesis will be available in print early March. I am about to finish writing the introductory kappa. The following papers will be appended to it:

  1.  Johnson, H., Andersson, K., 2014. Barriers to energy efficiency in shipping. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs.
  2. Johnson, H., Johansson, M., Andersson, K., 2014. Barriers to improving energy efficiency in short sea shipping: an action research case study. Journal of Cleaner Production 66, 317-327.
  3. Johnson, H., Styhre, L., 2015. Increased energy efficiency in short sea shipping through decreased time in port. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 71, 167-178.
  4. Johnson, H., Johansson, M., Andersson, K., Södahl, B., 2013. Will the ship energy efficiency management plan reduce CO2 emissions? A comparison with ISO 50001 and the ISM code. Maritime Policy & Management 40, 177-190.
  5. Poulsen, R.T., Johnson, H., 2016. The logic of business vs. the logic of energy management practice: understanding the choices and effects of energy consumption monitoring systems in shipping companies. Journal of Cleaner Production 112, 3785-3797.

Though I still have material for more papers to write based on this project, I am very much looking forward to the next one. I’ve just finished the paperwork to transfer the funds that I received last year to Gothenburg University, to enable a three-year post doc at the Gothenburg Research Institute. If all goes well, I’ll also be able to stay as visiting researcher for an extended period at the University of Tokyo to conduct field research on shipping and innovation in Japan.

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