Into postdoctoral life…

Yes, I made it…! My PhD thesis on maritime energy management passed the defence. As soon as I recover somewhat, I will begin my next project. I’m moving for (at least) three years to Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI) at the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University. The goal is to see if it is possible for me, being an engineer, to become a social scientist while carrying out a research project on energy efficiency in ship procurement processes. I’ll be following some current new building projects starting from a few innovative shipping companies and then to wherever these processes go. My intention is that the method will draw heavily from actor-network theory. In three years time, there will hopefully be a book about it. I received a three-year grant for this project from the Swedish Energy Agency and their programme Strategic Energy Systems Research.

[UPDATE 2016-05-17: WordPress is telling me a lot of you are downloading my thesis. This is great. If you want me to send you a paper copy as well- which includes the appended papers -please send me an email with your address.]




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