Short update

Short update on activities in May-June

  • I made a presentation at Energihamnsdagen 2016 on academia-industry collaboration.
  • I hosted a meeting at Chalmers on energy performance monitoring in shipping companies, with guests from Aalborg University, SIMAC and the University of Southern Denmark who work on such projects within Blue Innoship.
  • I made a presentation of my PhD project at a meeting of the board of Gothenburg Research Institute, where I begin my employment as a postdoctoral researcher in September.
  • I gave a short lecture on energy management systems in shipping at a workshop on energy efficiency for ship crew, hosted by Sweship Energy where I also work part-time as research adviser.
  • I made a presentation on my PhD project at a seminar (video link) on energy efficiency research in shipping, arranged by Lighthouse.
  • We’ve had two meetings with the network for Swedish shipping companies for collaboration on energy efficiency, which is run by Sweship Energy.
  • I visited UCL in London to have a meeting with Dr. Nish Rehmatulla on future collaboration and also to attend a UCL seminar on GHG emissions and the shipping sector.
  • I’ve started my new research project.

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