Received funding for two interdisciplinary PhD students on energy management practices

The Swedish Energy Agency recently made a new call for project proposals for their post graduate school in energy systems research (Swedish: “Forskarskola energisystem”). A project should include 2-3 PhD students with supervisors from different faculties; a nice way to provoke interdisciplinarity.

Together with professor Patrik Thollander at the Division of Energy Systems, Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University, professor Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist and I submitted a project to study energy management practices in different industries. The project included two PhD students: the student at GRI was to study how energy efficiency is being managed in shipping companies, while the LiU student was to study land-based production industries.

Today we finally received official confirmation that our project, worth 9.3 million SEK (~850 000 EUR) over 4 years, received funding! I was glad to read from the decision document that the Energy Agency had found that:

The project is of high scientific quality and relevant from an interdisciplinary perspective by being innovative and involving two research environments with partly different methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives. Studying practices – how actors and sectors do and act – is a perspective with a methodological stance which is seldom prioritised in energy efficiency research.

Recruitment processes for the PhD students will begin later. More info on this project will be presented in due time.

Skärmavbild 2018-04-11 kl. 16.34.36

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