Now hiring a PhD student!

Apply here.

We’re looking for an ambitious business administration PhD student, who is interested in going out there to the field and coming to understand how things work in practice. In this project, the student will be studying how ambitious shipping companies organize their work with energy efficiency. The topic requires an interest in learning about themes that lie across disciplinary boundaries. Shipping companies act all over the world: some travel will also be necessary.

The PhD student will be placed at the Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI), an interdisciplinary institute at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Here researchers work in program format on projects that are highly relevant to current business developments and contemporary society. We conduct research in subjects like business administration, ethnology, sociology, law, psychology, education, Swedish language, technology, and environmental science. GRI stands for collaboration and foresight.

Close connections exist between researchers at GRI and the Swedish shipping industry, where field research will be carried out. There are plenty of potential research sites, as seen for example when OECD recently highlighted Sweden as a case of decarbonizing maritime transport.

The successful applicant will take part in doctoral studies at the School of Business, Economics and Law, as well as a national interdisciplinary research school organized at the University of Linköping on interdisciplinary energy research. In this way, the student will receive a strong interdisciplinary as well as disciplinary foundation for conducting interesting research.

The position is fully funded for 4 years. It is part of a larger project on understanding energy efficiency practices in different industries. A “twin” PhD student who is to study Swedish production industry will be recruited separately at the University of Linköping. 9 other PhD students will start their different projects at the same time in Sweden in the interdisciplinary energy research school.

6 thoughts on “Now hiring a PhD student!

  1. I am a sailing master foreign going with good experience. I am holding master in business administration in shipping and logistics. Want to pursue PhD.

  2. Hi, my name Marianus Daulima, having sailing experience as deck officer on board and now working on shore at the shipping company with various roles starting from operation, crewing, training. I am holding master on shipping and port management and interest on energy management on maritime field and eager for pursuing PhD.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your interest in this position! Please apply according to the instructions in the supplied link (and please make sure all documents are submitted as requested). If you have any questions, please let me know. All the best /Hannes

      1. HI, I am been away for some times from school (2009), my lecturer might not remember me, can I give recommendation from employer to replace it?

      2. Hi! What’s important is only that the reference is able to lend you support in terms of being a good candidate for the position! /Hannes

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